Nature Inspired Wooden Cheese Board


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Nature Inspired Wooden Cheese Board 21x15cm.

Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, this exquisite nature inspired wooden cheese board is decorated with royal blues, emerald greens, and vivid whites. The vibrant shades merge together to create an abstract seascape artwork.

∙ Resin decorated olive wood artisan board measures approximately 21x15cm.

∙ The olive wood that I use is responsibly sourced. Only olive wood trees which have come to the end of their natural fruiting life are used, and they are replaced with new trees.

∙ Due to the natural characteristics of wood, each board is unique in it’s appearance. Your artisan board may be a different shape to the images shown.

∙ The resin art on your board may be slightly different to the images shown – each board is decorated by hand, therefore, no two boards are identical.

∙ Not dishwasher safe – wipe with a damp cloth after use. Do not leave your board standing in water.

∙ I have decorated this artisan board using epoxy resin (ArtResin) which is non-toxic and certified as food safe.

∙ I recommend to oil your board regularly using a natural food safe oil to maintain the board’s natural colour and prevent it from drying out.

I will despatch your order within 3 working days unless otherwise specified.

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