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independent artist - Seascape liverpool artist kate chesters

My name is Kate Chesters and I am a Liverpool artist specialising in abstract landscape and seascape paintings. I am based in a shared studio space with other artists on Victoria Street in Liverpool city centre.

As an artist, my work is inspired by the varying landscapes that I have seen as I slowly travel the world. Many of my artworks take influence from the dramatic scenery in Reykjavik, Iceland.

I make abstract seascape and landscape artworks using acrylic paint and resin. The sky and light have always fascinated me, and it is my aim to capture the essence and awe-inspiring emotion that a dramatic landscape evokes by highlighting the different tonal and mood effects that light has on nature, creating artworks that resonate with the viewer.

Living and working in Liverpool, I practice as an abstract artist. My work is influenced by what I see on my travels around the world. As a result, instead of recreating a landscape, I aim to capture its essence, expression and emotion.

Creating my artwork is an unpredictable journey where the outcome is discovered by the method and material. My goal is to create engaging art, which prompts dialogue and contemplation. Therefore, the viewer is encouraged to draw on their imagination and see the work in their own individual way.

Colour is a universal language that evokes an emotional response in all of us. Therefore, I am always aware and mindful when creating a piece of its emotional charge. As a result, I spend a lot of time mixing my palette of colours to find the right tones to embody the feeling I am trying to evoke. As I adapt and develop on my journey as an artist, so does my personality of painting colours.


All of my artwork has a story behind it and is inspired by a memory, emotion, location or experience. Consequently, I paint intuitively, using gestural brushstrokes and direct applications of paint with a palette knife, creating intimacy and intensity. It is my aim for my work to have visual and emotional resonance, for viewers to be drawn into the painting to allow for reflection and contemplation. 

For around ten years I have been regularly practicing art, studying it at school and university to Masters level.

However, it was when I got my art studio in March 2016 that I feel I truly started experimenting with my own personal style. Except for my fellow contemporaries that I share my creative space with, I didn’t have tutors to guide, critique and influence me. Therefore I was able to experiment with different mediums and techniques until I began to establish my own artistic style. I work in a studio on Victoria street in Liverpool city centre with 9 other creatives. Always wanting to create unique and contemporary pieces, I am always eager to try new materials and techniques. There is a great atmosphere working in a studio with like-minded enthusiastic and supportive people who you can share and discuss ideas with. As a result, with every new piece that I create I learn and develop as an artist, and I am constantly researching and experimenting to perfect my practice.

I achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art, and a Masters in Art History and Curating from Liverpool Hope University where I studied from 2010-2014.

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